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The Glenvill Group

The Glenvill Group comprises four individual businesses that work together to manage the design, development and construction of high-rise offices, luxury apartment towers, retirement villages and homes in Australia as well as the United States. They have been in business since 1958 and continue to add value to construction projects by planning and developing superb properties.


Web Development Challenges

How do you convey over five decades of professional construction design in a way that best represents the Glenvill Group and its subsidiary businesses? This was the primary challenge that was presented to the team at We Are Web. Through market research and detailed digital strategy consultations we devised a winning solution.


Our Solution

First impressions are important, especially for property designers who have achieved some amazing feats with their work over the past 50+ years. We opted for premium web design that showcases professional photography of lavish homes and other places. These striking images feature in large sliding banners that fill the screen. This is especially important for tablet and mobile device users as all of the images cross the website are high-res and look immaculate. To promote Glenvill’s services and folio, those professional photos need to be on full display.

Another clever design element on the home page is the historical timeline as well as the detailed awards list. To ensure an enduring legacy you need to celebrate past achievements. We have structured the Glenvill Group so that it is easy to navigate while also presenting a premium aesthetic.

The top navigation includes social media buttons to ensure that there is plenty of space on the page to flaunt the gorgeous design shots.


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October 23, 2015


Web Development


The Glenvill Group