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CMS Solutions that Transform Businesses

There is more to a business website than merely tweaking the UI/UX and ensuring that each landing page is configured for optimal mobile responsiveness. One aspect that is often overlooked in current digital strategies is the effectiveness of your content management system, specifically implementing technology platforms that synergise with your commercial interests.

To manage your leads and conversions as effectively as possible, you need to structure your efforts holistically. By investing in the right CMS solutions, you can refine your digital marketing practices and streamline processes for the benefit of your staff and customers.

With so many technology platforms available, it can be a daunting prospect to settle on one let alone investigate all options to find the best fit for your commercial operations. Fortunately, the team at We Are Web is here to guide you in making informed decisions about finding the best content management systems for your specific needs.

Open-Source Platforms

Are you familiar with WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla? These open-source platforms are popular among web developers because they are generally easy to use and are often more cost-effective. Also, open-source technology seems to be the default choice for many digital marketers.

So, if open-source seems to be the way to go, why would you throw money at a content management system? Well, the trade-off with a cheap CMS is that you get what you pay for: a system that fits a rigid template. While experienced web developers can tweak things, there are serious limitations on what you can do to customize an open-source platform to accommodate your preferred preferences from the look and feel to backend functionality.

Proprietary Development

Do you want to rise above your competition in the digital space with a premium digital strategy? Just about anything is possible when you work with proprietary development. Say goodbye to bugs, untimely updates, annoying plugins and other quirks associated with open-source tech, you are in for a treat when you invest in software that is already fine-tuned for you. All you need to focus on is content and your core business—proprietary CMS solutions are optimised and ready to go.

When you rely on proprietary CMS solutions, however, there are usually significant costs in terms of ongoing maintenance, custom designs and there may be limitations in what you can do with particular content management systems. Therefore, you should always do your research or consult with the experts at We Are Web.

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